Frequently asked questions


  1. How many days does it take to review my feature request? Typically it takes 3-5 business days. Our Team works Mondays-Thursdays.
  2. How are the contributors selected? The team feels into each contributor and what message she has to share with the world. As long as her message aligns with our brand’s core values and standards, we believe every woman deserves a chance to share her story.
  3. What are your core values and brand standards? Our Inclusivity Policy at Sovereign is what we live by. Is the content being shared inclusive? Therefore, topics that provide separation or are “hot topics” we have decided as a brand, at this time, we will not publish. Topics such as but not limited to, religion or politics, will be decided on a case by case basis if they align with our brand standards, core values, and Inclusivity Policy.
  4. Do you have an Inclusivity Policy? Yes, you may view it here.
  5. How many words is my article? Your front cover feature is 1500 words and your 2 page feature is 500 words.
  6. Do I write my own article or does Sovereign Team write the? All of the articles within Sovereign Magazine are written by the contributors. NO AI or Ghost Writers!!
  7. Besides my article, what else do I have to submit? You will need to submit a title for your article, short bio, 5-8 high quality pictures (see FAQ #8 for more details), contact information including website, socials, and email, as well a signed release form (see FAQ #12 for more information). 
  8. Do I have to have professional pictures? We require high quality photographs. We prefer professional photos, although we do accept high quality phone pictures as many phones have amazing cameras these days. If the pictures are not grainy and have good lighting, we will accept them.
  9. Why is my article due 8-12 weeks before my feature? Creating a magazine takes about 8-12 weeks to produce and we also have to record the Audio Magazine. Our team works across many different time zones and needs as much time as possible.
  10. What happens if I don’t meet the submission deadline for my feature? Your article will be moved to the next available issue our team feels is most aligned. 
  11. Where are your team members based? In the US and UK!
  12. Why do I have to sign a release form? Signing the release form is for your protection and ours. Your intellectual, personal, and financial information is important to us, as well as ours. The release makes sure we are all on the same page!
  13. How can I get in touch with a team member? You may email our team at
  14. Do you offer refunds? Please read our Refund Policy by clicking here.

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