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Nicole George - Founder | Editor-in-Chief | Audio Magazine Producer

Nicole George worked in the corporate world for over 18 years, which left her burned out and in the unhealthiest physical and mental health of her life. She desired to tap into that feeling she had burning inside of her. That flickering flame she felt, was being an entrepreneur. In 2021, she left the corporate world and started on her journey. It took many twists and turns, ultimately leading her to Sovereign Magazine. Owning a global company where women can flourish in an environment with inclusivity, kindness, fairness, and equality are Nicole’s core values.

Your superpowers are celebrated, shared, and encouraged. It has become Nicole’s mission to provide you (women or those who identify as a woman) a global platform to share your story and purpose with the world. Sovereign Magazine was birthed to uplift you, support you, and to build community. You should be allowed to be seen and heard, and to connect to a greater purpose.

We are here to help you share your message so it may resonate with those it is meant for. Sovereign is here for it all. It is here for YOU!

The Sovereign Magazine
Miranda Goll - Moon Mentor | Moon Mondays Narrator | Executive Strategist

Miranda is a practitioner of daily devotional rituals, to establish and maintain her connection to Nature and Self. For the past two decades, she has taught and practiced yoga, meditation, massage, breathwork and Reiki. She is a leader of women’s circles, a Death Doula and a homeschooling mama.

Her passions led her to study Astrology and Celtic Shamanism, deepening her understanding of the cycles of the Moon, Seasons, and Cosmos. Miranda is delighted to be Sovereign’s Moon Mentor. She loves sharing Moon astrology and providing different methods for you to work with the energy of the Moon, allowing you to enhance your life and creative potential.

The Sovereign Magazine
Carla Collins - Social Media + Marketing Strategist | Digital Magazine Producer
Carla Collins, joins the Team as our Social Media and Marketing Strategist. With a background in Marketing and Business, she brings a unique perspective to content strategy and planning, marketing, branding and design work.
As an entrepreneur herself, she has a passion for helping small brands achieve big success.
In 2020, she followed her vision and soul’s purpose of creating affirmation products that inspire positive self talk and encourage women speak kinder to themselves. She founded and launched LOVE UP – an online store that ships products all around the world. 
Carla believes in the power of words and prioritises self-love and self care. She’s been on a very spiritual, personal growth journey for over 30 years, taking her across the globe, from Australia to the UK. She now resides in London with her two boys.
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Janine Rivera - Front Cover Design Team

Janine Rivera has always been drawn to teaching, mentoring and supporting others. Janine started her professional career as an Elementary School Teacher working with the young’uns and then as she moved into the next stage of her life, becoming a mother, she found herself interested in labor and birth and began working as a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula. 

This new interest threw her into the world of running her own business which coincided with an interest in essential oils and their health benefits so she spent many years trying to grow both an essential oil business and a birth business. She found that she was not really cut out for this and was struggling to make them grow while preserving her mental well-being. 

She was so grateful to have stumbled upon Human Design and through her reading learned that she is a Projector which is someone whose gifts are how they see the world (not creating and manifesting). This was a huge relief because all she wants to do is be in relationship and connection with others while supporting them on their life path by using her learned knowledge as well as her unique way of seeing and processing the world around her.

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Ilea Angaza - Audio Magazine Narrator

I’m Ilea, a mama to 3 beautiful little humans, herbalist, energy healer and curator of sacred wisdom. 

I began traveling and volunteering internationally in my early 20’s. As a young college graduate trying to build a career in business sales yet continually feeling unfulfilled in my work, travel was a way for me to search for something that resonated more deeply with me. Curiosity and a passion for exploring what it means to be human has carried me into a multitude of diverse cultures. I backpacked through 5 countries in West Africa, volunteered in a Ghanaian orphanage teaching first graders and traveled to tiny villages in Mexico and Brazil.  

In 2006 I took  a job with a humanitarian organization and moved to Uganda to live and work. I fell in love with Africa and spent the next 10 years living and working in four different  countries in various entrepreneurial and humanitarian roles in both East Africa and Central America.  

As a world traveler and student of sacred wisdom, I am continually entranced by the breadth of the human soul. I began to awaken to my own healing path as a young woman in college, yet I didn’t really align with it until those early years in Africa. I was faced with suffering and beauty in ways I hadn’t yet encountered. The two, often reflecting each other, beckoning me to look deeper, to seek out the root of systemic problems and to find more than a quick fix to healing.  

During my time abroad I had to face my own health issues, learn to care for myself mentally and spiritually in a more holistic way and I became a mother. These experiences helped me awaken my own inner healer and learn to trust the wisdom of my body and my own sacred  feminine intuition. An ongoing conversation with my body began, and the heart of my body’s message to me is still, “I am here to serve you.” A body in service to a soul.  

There is wisdom that lives innately within your body, informed by both your unique internal landscape as well as what is unfolding around you throughout your life. This sacred intuition is available to you, but you need the tools and support to unlock it and integrate it into your life. 

Here at Sovereign, I desire to hold space for you to discover your own light, innate wisdom and healing while learning more about herbal and energy healing. My intention is to help guide you towards what resonates within so you can learn to embody the power and intuition of your most authentic self.

The Sovereign Magazine
Faith Howley - Executive Audio Magazine Producer + Engineer

Faith is an Audio Producer based in the North West of England. She helps her clients tell their stories and share their passions in creative ways through podcasting and documentary.

She joins the Sovereign Team as the Executive Audio Magazine Producer and Engineer to help you (women and those who identify as a woman) around the globe share your story in a more accessible way.

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Kirsty Thomas - Consultant

Kirsty Thomas worked within the world of scientific research for over 9 years before her mental health took a downward spiral and something had to change. Making the challenging decision to leaving the corporate world and starting her journey to find peace and happiness following the passing of her dear father and birth of her first son, became a mission, which led to the soul-fulfilling need to be of service to others.

Now, after years on her own personal journey, Kirsty is empowering women to become more present with their mind and body, feel energized and live the life they truly want not the one they feel they should.

With a strong Biology & Psychology background, and more recently certified accredited (ACCPH) intuitive therapy coach & trainee counsellor skills, Kirsty balances her life experience, science with the more unseen (or woo as she likes to call it) resulting in impactful insight.

Being part of Sovereign Magazine and running her coaching business (Kirsty Thomas Therapies) Kirsty hopes that you will have accessible ways to take time and space to simply BE and feel fulfilled with who you are becoming.

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Column Experts

The Sovereign Magazine
Patty Oliver - Energy Healer, Author & Spiritual Advisor

Patty’s work as an energy healer was not initially a conscious choice – but rather, a divinely-led choice!  A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007 prompted her to make dramatic changes to create more joy and meaning in her life.  One of those changes was to become a skincare entrepreneur, which opened the door in a unique way to Reiki, which then led to her work in past lives and Akashic Records. 

Patty simply followed the opportunities as they were presented to her by the universe, which led to unimaginable fulfillment and abundance!  This was truly the law of attraction at work, something everyone can learn to do!  She has created an energy self-healing course in which people can learn to manage their energy body, access their Akashic Record for insight and guidance, release themselves from negative patterns and take action to live a soul-powered life!

Patty also offers a private soul transformation program called “Healing & Manifesting With Your Spirit Guides,” in which she teaches individuals how to manifest abundance according to their soul blueprint and divine insight from their spirit guide team.

Joining the Sovereign team is an extension of her mission to help everyone live their highest potential by letting their soul lead the way!  She is honored to give energy healing insight and guidance for you to manifest the life of your dreams!  She has contributed to a multi-author book titled “Intuitive: Speaking Her Truth” and has plans to continue writing and teaching in the future, including a forthcoming oracle card deck.

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